Ford Summer Road Trip

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine.

Beep beep!  Who is up for a road trip?  Our family is of course and even with juggling school and work life, family time remains priority.  We made things work and managed to sneak in one last summer weekend getaway out to Muskoka a few weekends ago.  A two and a half hour ride to cottage country and we rode in style and comfort courtesy of Ford Canada in the Edge TI Elite.


The five seater SUV came fully loaded with all the bells and whistles.  The key features that were important to me, rear view camera, touchscreen, apple play, wireless charger and generous trunk space.


The best feature (according to the critics), which we didn’t realize until the morning of was a built in television entertainment system.  We made a pitstop to Walmart and grabbed a few DVD’s for the road.  Once the movie started, that was it for them.  No bickering, no whining and no questions like “are we there yet mom?”


It also gave my husband and I the gift of time and silence.  We did the adult conversation thing, sang to our choice of music and just got caught up.  Sometimes we’re just moving from one activity to the next that we forget to pause and talk.  So, while it was great for the drive, I wouldn’t want an entertainment system in my car all the time. It’s too easy to give the boys screen time and while sometimes I’m spending most of the car ride breaking up fights or being interrupted, those situations make great memories.


Overall, I was happy with the Edge TI Elite.  I’m no expert, but I do love comfort, style and safety.  My husband enjoyed the ride and it served it’s purpose.  It took us to beautiful Muskoka where we got to spend some quality family time outdoors.





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