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Hey hey!  Thanks for stopping by  and showing my blog some love.

My name is Sunshine (yes, it’s my real name!).  Born and raised in Toronto, Canada and currently living in Oakville raising curious and adventurous twin boys Maxwell and Brandon with my hubby, Andre.

The name Sunshine thankfully describes me in a nutshell.  I am an extrovert and my outlook on life is always half glass full.  I love reading and listening to podcasts that will help me with motherhood, allow me to grow professionally in my career and equip me with new skills that will help me navigate in the digital space.

I’ve coached leaders, individual contributors and have mentored and have been mentored by some amazing human beings.  I love creating tools and sharing tips that can help people grow.

I am Sunshine Lily the story teller, but without my dream team, Andre, Maxwell and Brandon, I wouldn’t have a story to tell.


June 2014 was a game changer.  Maxwell and Brandon were born and the universe blessed me with the task of raising twin boys.  During my pregnancy, I documented everything in a journal.  I wrote them letters, I tracked my progress, jotted down goals and every emotion that you can think of, it was noted.  When my boys came into the world, the journal took a back seat and it was replaced with a camera.  I then became active in documenting motherhood and all of its adventures.

In January 2018, it then led to the launch of the Shine Lily blog.  It was originally created to write letters to myself about my motherhood journey.  It was also a place for my boys to come back to if I died and they’d come and read my stories (I know it’s morbid right?).  And that’s how it started and it’s evolved from there.


I keep it real and for the most part, I keep it positive.

On my blog I share my motherhood journey covering topics on family adventures, our life, our style, the community I live in and finding the balance as a working mom in Human Resources.

Each content published on my blog or on any of my social media channels have been reviewed and approved by my family.  It’s a commitment from us to my community where topics that I cover and brands and industry professionals that I work with are partners in sharing my journey.

“You can have it all. Just not all at once” – Oprah Winfrey

My Naturopath shared this quote with me when I told her I was pregnant back in 2011. As mothers, we juggle so much and she wanted to remind me that no motherhood journey is the same.  We are not competing against each other, we’re in it together to compete against time passing us by.  I am here to be a source of knowledge, a place of comfort and a source for story telling.

Much Love

– Sunshine Lily –