Stay at Home Mom, Working Mom, Mom-to-Be … Just Support One Another

I didn’t have the courage to post this on my Instagram Page and I almost deleted it completely.  However, I feel safe putting it here, I don’t get a lot of visitors to my blog and maybe it will resonate with a reader.

So here it goes …

In 2015, I made the decision to stay home with my twin boys. questions like “are you sure that’s the right thing to do?” or comments like, “that’s not really putting your degree to use”

In 2017, I made the decision to re-enter the workforce full time … questions like “are you sure that’s what you want to go back into?” or comments like “oh wow, the kids are still young and the first 4 to 5 years are so important”

Last week, I resigned for an opportunity outside the industry where I spent 10+ years of my career in and questions like, “are you sure that’s the right move?” or comments like “your kids are so young to make a move” came up.

Just wow … there were so many well wishes in all three scenarios above, but all I remembered and harped on were the comments that were not so positive and what blows my mind … the comments were from women WITH kids.

Today (2019) stats show that there is still a wage gap between men and women (a bigger gap for women of colour) … stay at home moms are not given the recognition for managing a household and working moms are still going home and taking on the larger share of household duties.

We all have reasons for the paths we choose with or without kids, and everyone questions themselves, they write a pros and cons list and they lean on others for advice.  No decision is made overnight, but whatever path a woman chooses, we should be supportive of it.

So the next time you come across a post or hear news of a woman’s doubt, success or struggle … lift them up … don’t pull them down.


4 thoughts on “Stay at Home Mom, Working Mom, Mom-to-Be … Just Support One Another

  1. Great read. So many times the ideas came to mind but I have not acted on it. Hopefully one day I’ll get the courage to stay home.


    1. Hey! I never responded to this and lol now I’m catching up. I wish I could stay home over the summer and Christmas break! But I’m also realizing the kids at this age..they do need me but not as much as before.


  2. You know Sunshine, it seems we can not make everyone happy all the time…I too left a 20+ year career with Rogers to stay home with Ava when she surprised me at 39! And it is by FAR the best decision I ever made and more importantly, the best decision for ME and for my FAMILY.

    When she began FT school, I went back to a full-time gig. One that gave me the flexibility to manage home and work. Again, the best decision for me and my family. Today – I try to balance it all…sometimes I’m really good, others, not so much. But through it all, I have learned that people (most especially women) will always judge. And that’s ok.

    Do you. Fabulous, fabulous you.
    Susan (and Ava Grace!)


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